Kern Economic Development Corporation

About Kern Economic Development Corporation

Number of Organizations: 180


Kern EDC’s Mission is to stimulate a diversified and strong economic climate in Kern County, through recruitment of new business opportunities and assistance in the retention and expansion of existing businesses.


Kern EDC was established in 1988 as a public private partnership in response to a lagging economy caused by a precipitous drop in oil and agricultural products. Forward-thinking community leaders came together to create a sustainable vehicle that would help to ensure regional economic stability. Kern EDC was founded in order to enhance the County’s quality of life and offer new employment opportunities to residents. The public-private coalition was given the critical role of promoting the diversification of the community’s economic base.

Kern EDC has never wavered from its mission to serve as the leading organization in Kern County for job creation and economic development activities.

Kern EDC’s establishment and past successes are the result of the generosity of engaged stakeholders representing private businesses and government entities, as well as the support given by countless volunteers throughout the community.


Over the last two-and-a-half decades, Kern County’s physical and economic landscape has drastically changed – in a good way.  Indeed, in 1988 we could not have dreamed of the strategic infrastructure – roads, rail, airport, industrial/commercial facilities, etc. – that would make Kern “#1 in U.S in the 2000s for ten year job growth and personal income growth.”

Kern County is now in the national spotlight when it comes to its rapidly-growing and diverse economy and is poised to experience substantial economic growth in several industry sectors. Recent top rankings and accolades given by the Milken Institute, the Brookings Institution, and others showcase to corporate executives and site selection consultants our significant economic strengths.


As Kern EDC moves into its 29th year of operation, we plan to build on the success of the past, continuing our efforts to position the Kern EDC at the forefront of the competition for job creation. With a strong and formidable team, composed of experienced economic development professionals, we will continue to develop and implement innovative strategies for the region’s emerging and established industry clusters.