Vital policy issues affecting the Central Valley diverse economy.

BizFed members define the alliance's collective priorities - their diversity and expertise ensures strong, thoughtful and smart approaches on critical business issues.

Energy & Environment

BizFed is highly engaged in a wide range of energy and environmental policy issues seeking to balance economic success and job creation with necessary environmental rules and regulations. This includes managing an unprecedented regional coalitions of diverse business stakeholders focused on the San
Joaquin Valley Air Pollution District, the California Air Resources Board, and vital water access and quality issues.

Health Care

BizFed gets involved with a wide range of health care and health care industry related issues. From educating our members on the details, rules, and opportunities created by the Affordable Care Act, to critical public policy debates affecting health care costs, health sector jobs and services, we mobilize on health care issues that are important to our members and our economy.

Housing, Land Use, Development

BizFed has a strong track record of mobilizing diverse community stakeholders in support of housing and development projects that will have a major positive impact on regional quality of life, job creation, and economic success. We engage at all levels of government on land use, housing, and development policies and planning to ensure long term and sustainable economic success and quality of life.

International Trade

Recognizing that international trade creates significant economic opportunities for the Central Valley and Central Valley’s vital strategic role as America’s import-export gateway, BizFed is actively involved with a variety of international trade issues.

Regulatory Reform

BizFed members have consistently identified unnecessary regulations and inconsistent and onerous permitting requirements as barriers to economic success. Therefore, BizFed is engaged at all levels of government with work to identify and streamline regulations impacting the ability of businesses to create jobs, provide vital services, and ensure strong and economically successful communities.

Responsible Governance

BizFed members support transparent, accountable government that makes smart, responsible, and efficient use of resources and technology. We leverage the expertise of our broad and diverse membership to mobilize in support of responsible governance that sets clear objectives and holds itself accountable to the constituents who provide the resources to achieve them.

Small Business and Diversity

The breadth and diversity of membership organizations and top companies that comprise BizFed represent tens of thousands of small, women, minority, and veteran-owned businesses. BizFed works to ensure that public policies are in place to ensure their unique needs are met, including public sector and corporate procurement opportunities that support their success.

Taxes & Fees

While BizFed members consistently identify the cumulative effects of multiple and often duplicative layers of taxes and fees as a major challenge to job creation and economic success, they also recognize the importance of certain vital revenue streams to build the infrastructure that ensure a strong regional economy. BizFed works to ensure a thoughtful approach to taxes and fees, opposing those that are ill-considered or unnecessary and supporting those that make sense.

Technology & Innovation

From the aerospace and defense industry in East Kern County, the Central Valley has long been a national center for technology and innovation. From issues such as national defense, to broadband and utility infrastructure, BizFed members work on a wide range of public policies issues affecting technology and innovation.

Workforce Development

BizFed plays a unique role in bringing together employers and workforce development institutions to help ensure we are collectively meeting Southern California current and future workforce needs. We work to develop and mobilize on public policies that will create opportunities for good-paying middle class jobs that will lift families out of poverty and promote a vibrant and successful economy.