Kern County Taxpayers Association

About Kern County Taxpayers Association

KernTax continues to make a difference regarding TAXPAYER ISSUES


Utility Rates: KernTax is a statewide leader in the battle for residential rate reform. As a result, PG&E’s top tier rates declined more than 30% in less than 10 years. Tier 3 rates should also see a significant drop in the future. KernTax continues to work for more equity in the residential rate structure and reductions in the upper-tier rates.

School General Obligation Bonds: Locally, KernTax Board Members have worked to ensure school bond programs are focused and cost-effective; have participated on more than 30 Bond Oversight Committees; and most recently, have worked with district taxpayers to negotiate a 50% cost reduction of a bond issuance with Lakeside School District.

At the State level, KernTax actively participates in the California League of Bond Oversight Committees (CaLBOC) to establish reasonable bond use guidelines and hosts its annual Statewide Conference. To date, KernTax’s intervention with school districts have reduced taxpayer bond obligation by $1.6 billion.

KernTax regularly attends the weekly Board of Supervisors meetings and is an active participant with County Supervisors on matters important to Kern County taxpayers. Beyond being at the table, we a fully engaged.

Workforce Improvement: KernTax was instrumental in the creation of the Kern County Workforce Taskforce. This broad-based coalition works diligently to improve the county’s workforce and to address future needs.

KernTax regularly attends Board of Supervisors meetings to discuss issues critical to local taxpayers.

Public Pensions: KernTax Executive Director Michael Turnipseed helped protect the integrity and sustainability of the Kern County Employee Retirement Association by focusing on effective management and investment strategies.

Community Leadership: KernTax sponsors Kern Leaders Academy, a community leadership program that assists in the development of visionary community leaders who recognize that a healthy business climate is necessary for a strong economy, and a strong economy is necessary for a vibrant community.  Graduates of the Kern Leaders Academy make Kern County a better place to live.

Dual Enrollment: In collaboration with the County of Kern, the Kern High School District, and Bakersfield College, KernTax led the efforts to provide college credit in local high schools. More than 3000 Kern High School District students have received college credit while still attending high school.