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Number of Organizations: 1600

About Us

Employers Group is YOUR Human Resources Expert, Advocate, and Advisor

Established in 1896, Employers Group is the leading source for intelligent business, HR solutions, and employer advocacy, helping thousands of employers across the country – and around the world. We understand human resources and helping you manage your people by mitigating risk, ensuring regulatory compliance, and minimizing costs – it’s OUR business. Employers Group is your connection to business solutions and performance.

From beginning to end, we help you confront critical workforce issues on a daily basis

Recruiting & Hiring – The hiring process can be daunting before you hire a new employee ( recruiting, interviewing training, candidate selection, adequate job descriptions, setting wage, & salary classifications, compiling proper documentation, and more)

Growth & Retention – Throughout an employee’s term of employment (employee benefits, workers’ compensation, payroll, harassment, leaves of absence, training and professional development, meal and rest periods)

Separation & Termination – Employee separation (termination, RIF, WARN Act, resignation, COBRA, and Unemployment Insurance)

There are literally thousands (and counting) of legal, statutory and regulatory requirements (FMLA, ADA, EEOC, DOL, DIR, OSHA and more) mandated on employers. It never seems to end! Bottom line, we do what no other HR services company does – we help you manage the risk and ensure compliance in your HR operations so you can focus on your ultimate business goals: growth and profitability