BizFed Bounce Back

BizFed members share stories of resilience.

Issue 17 - Hanford Chamber of Commerce
Amory Marple - CEO, Hanford Chamber of Commerce
Issue 16 - CIPA and CNGPA
P. Anthony Thomas - Vice President of External Affairs, CIPA and Executive Director for the CNGPA
Issue 15 - Taft District Chamber of Commerce
Shannon Miller - Director of Operations and Marketing, Taft District Chamber of Commerce
Issue 14 - California Metals Coalition
James Simonelli - Executive Director, California Metals Coalition
Issue 13 - Fresno County Farm Bureau
Ryan Jacobsen - CEO, Fresno County Farm Bureau
Issue 12 - Downtown Visalians
Steve Nelsen - CEO, Downtown Visalians
Issue 11 - Kern Taxpayers Association
Michael Turnipseed - Executive Director, Kern Taxpayers Association
Issue 10 - African American Farmers of California
Will Scott - President, African American Farmers of California
Issue 9 - California Manufacturing Technology Consultant (CMTC)
Craig Scharton - Client Advisor, California Manufacturing Technology Consultant
Issue 8 - The Water Association of Kern
Jason Giannelli - Second Vice President, Water Association of Kern
Issue 7 - Fresno Association of REALTORS
Gerard Lozano - Executive Vice President, Fresno Association of REALTORS
Issue 6 - Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce
Tara Lynn Gray - President and CEO, Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce
Issue 5 - CalPortland Co.
Steve Regis - Sr. Vice President, Corporate Services, CalPortland Co.
Issue 4 - Independent Oil Producers Association
Les Clark, Founder - Independent Oil Producers Association
Issue 3 - Western Electrical Contractors Association
Terry Seabury - Executive Director and CEO, Western Electrical Contractors Association
Issue 2 - Cal Ag Labor Association
Rudy Mendoza - Executive Director, Cal Ag Labor Association
Issue 1 - Providence Strategic Consulting
Tracy Leach - President, Providence Consulting
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