BizFed Central Valley Hires New Executive Director Clint Olivier

 BizFed Central Valley Hires New Executive Director Clint Olivier

September 19, 2019

BizFed Central Valley is excited to announce it has hired its new Executive Director – Clint Olivier.

“Our grassroots network of diverse business networks will be well served by Clint’s skills and passion for politics and communication, said Tracy Hernandez,” founding BizFed CEO. “He will lead BizFed CV member associations and companies throughout the Central Valley to continue to grow and strengthen the voice of business for a robust economy for all.”

Clint most recently served as a Fresno City Councilman for eight years, terming out of office in January 2019. Previously, Clint worked in television news as an investigative/political reporter in both Fresno and Bakersfield. And is a graduate Cal State Long Beach.

His time on the Fresno City Council gave Clint a front-row seat to how government gets things done – or not, in some cases. He focused on transparency and accountability and was the major force behind measures to increase housing and build parks in Fresno.

“I’m excited to join the BizFed team. Whether as a journalist or as an elected official, I have spent nearly my entire adult life advocating for the Central Valley and it’s people. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with my neighbors to advance their interests, create jobs, and build an even better economy.”

BizFed CV is an alliance of 56 associations representing 20,000 businesses, employing 300,000 people and is a franchise of BizFed Los Angeles, which started more than a decade ago and has continued to grow.

“I’m really proud to have Clint Olivier to join us as the Executive Director of BizFed Central Valley. He brings years of experience in public policy and government to this organization, “ said Darius Assemi, BizFed Chair and President and CEO of Granville Homes.

Clint will take over operations of BizFed CV as our Advocacy Director, Lois Henry, takes on the new challenge of creating and operating an online news site called SJV Water ( She is returning to her first career as a reporter focusing on water.

“Without water, the valley as we know it wouldn’t exist. Yet most people know next to nothing about where our water comes from and the politics, power and money that gets it here. SJV Water will bring those stories to the public.”