ACTION ALERT: Help raise the voice of business in the valley!

BizFed Central Valley members have been very busy vetting and voting on bills in the last couple weeks and need the help of YOUR members to raise the voice of valley businesses in the state Capitol.

We are asking you and your members to also add their voices to these issues.
Feel free, to copy and paste.

AB539 (Limon/Grayson) – OPPOSE– Would cap interest rates charged on small dollar, short-term loans. This measure would hurt the legitimate, highly regulated small-dollar lenders’ ability to continue business in California. It would reduce credit options for people without strong credit histories who can’t access traditional banks, which don’t typically offer the small loans they need. This bill would further encourage these consumers to take advantage of loans offered by unscrupulous and unregulated internet providers.
AB539 is now in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. (No hearing date set)
Please contact the committee and chair to let them know you OPPOSE AB539.

SB482 (Hueso) – SUPPORT– Creates a number of new requirements for small-dollar, short-term lenders to increase consumer protections.This bill adds common sense, reasonable protections so consumers know what they’re getting and what their obligations are. This bill retains access to much needed credit options, protects consumers and allows lenders to stay in business.
SB482 is now in the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. (To be heard 1:30 p.m. April 23)
Please contact the committee  and chair to let them know you SUPPORT SB482.

SB62 (Dodd) – SUPPORT– Would extend an existing exemption (until Jan. 2024) that allows farmers and ranchers to accidentally “take” a threatened or endangered species during the course of routine farming practices. This existing exemption has been very successful in allowing farmers assurance that they won’t be held criminally and civilly responsible for an accidental, unforeseen action and it helps protect species as farmers are more likely to allow habitat on their land with this protection.
SB62 is now in the Senate Appropriations Committee (No hearing date set)
Please contact the committee and committee chair to let them know you SUPPORT SB62.

AB1744 (Salas) – SUPPORT– Would direct the California Air Resources Board to create an emissions reduction credit  fund that owner/operators of low-mileage heavy equipment could pay into. That fund would be used to reduce emissions from other sources to make up for emissions generated by low-mileage (less than 5,000 miles per year) heavy equipment, such as large cranes. CARB had created an exemption for this equipment in order to allow owner/operators to get full use from machines they purchased before new emissions rules were in place. That exemption was nullified due to a lawsuit. This bill is a common sense approach that allows use of the equipment so owners/operators can come into compliance with the new regs and, at the same time, creates a fund that improves overall air quality.
AB1744 is now in the Assembly Transportation Committee. (Hearing set for 3 p.m. April 22)
Please contact the committee and committee chair to let them know you SUPPORT AB1744.