Tejon Ranch is a California landmark, a land of legacy – bigger than life, rich in history, blessed by nature.

distance_mapD75_7439Established in 1843 as a Mexican land grant, this grand sweep of territory was home to some of the Old West’s most illustrious exploits.  Trappers, hardy settlers and frontiersmen, outlaws, the Camel Corps, Butterfield stagecoach lines and Army dragoons all traversed its range.  Historic pioneers such as Jedediah Smith, Kit Carson and John C. Fremont explored Tejon’s frontier.  In the decades following its founding, the Ranch grew in size as additional land grants were purchased by Tejon’s founder, General Edward Fitzgerald Beale, an explorer of the west and a historic figure in early California.

Located just an hour north of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, a survey of Tejon’s remarkable landscape reveals a dramatic tapestry of rugged mountains, steep canyons, oak-covered rolling hills, and broad valleys.  Oaks of almost every kind can be found on the land, as can conifer forests, Joshua trees, and spectacular spring displays of wildflowers as far as the eye can see.

As in the days of the vaqueros, cowboys on horseback still herd cattle on open grazing land.  Orchards and vineyards yield their bounty on fertile acreage leading into California’s agriculturally-rich Central Valley.  Vast stretches of ranch land remain in their natural state, protected by California’s largest and most significant private conservation agreement.