Caglia Environmental

About Caglia Environmental

The founder of the Caglia family of companies, Frank S. Caglia, was born in 1912 in the modest village of Muschito, Italy. Just as thousands of immigrants following their dreams and seeking a better life in the United States, Frank stood on the windblown deck of a ship with his parents and younger siblings, saw the welcoming arms of Lady Liberty, and passed through the gates of Ellis Island. Eager to begin its new life in America, the Caglia family settled in Fresno, working diligently to make ends meet. Frank’s drive, ambition, and strong work ethic motivated him to strive for success at a young age and ultimately led to great business accomplishments. His success fueled his appreciation of his new home town of Fresno, inspiring Frank Caglia to give back to the Fresno and Clovis communities. Following in Frank’s footsteps, generations of the Caglia family continue to spearhead philanthropic projects in greater Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley.