California Metals Coalition

In 2003, the organization changed its name from the California Cast Metals Association to the California Metals Coalition.

Today, the California Metals Coalition is a full-service, statewide organization supported by hundreds of metalworking companies throughout California.


  • Metal Casters
  • Die Casters
  • Machine Shops
  • Forgers
  • Heat Treaters
  • Metal Stampers
  • Metal Formers
  • Galvanizers
  • Metal Smelters
  • Recyclers
  • Shredders
  • Wire Extruders
  • Suppliers to the Industry

Local, Regional, and State Regulations:

CMC is still driven by the founding objective of the organization, which is to have a unified voice for proactive metalworking businesses when engaging California’s government on rulemaking and proposed laws.  CMC’s  government relations team is anchored by professionals with over 35 years experience representing metal working companies at the state, regional, and local level.   CMC’s lobbyists monitor proposed legislation and regulations, attend hearings, file oral/written testimony, and network with decision makers in government.

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